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Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl

History Of Tibetan Singing Bowls
Tibetan Signing Bowls were first used by Tibetans as early as the 10th century. These ancient practices were made popular in the West in the 1970s, as singing bowls were found to be useful by sound healers as a relaxation tool. Their popularity has exploded in recent years because of their frequent use in yoga and meditation classes.
Healmonic Meditation Sound Bowl was Handcrafted in Nepal for Healing and Mindfulness purpose.
It is an Authentic hand hammered 3.15'' Tibetan Singing Bowl.
High-quality handcrafted meditation bowl and a wooden striker.
More Features:
    • Promotes calm and relaxation
    • Improves mental focus
    • Very Easy to play
    • Unique and elegant home dΓ©cor design
    • Antique Light Brown Bowl
    • Includes rubber mallet
    • Limited time 10% off
    Ideal size to bring anywhere.
    Beautiful Sound for Holistic Healing, Meditation & Relaxation.
    🟒 Starter Bowl 🟒 | Tibetan Singing Bowl - healmonic
    🟒 Starter Bowl 🟒 | Tibetan Singing Bowl
    • $67.00