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We sell High Quality Yoga Meditation Accessories at affordable prices. They are eco-friendly, comfortable, easy to clean. Check out our reviews!

Yoga Mat TPE | Alignment Lines:

  • Premium TPE Material: TPE is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. Passed strict SGS product testing testing. No any harmful chemicals, causing no harm to your skin. The high-density TPE material can be stretched repeatedly providing superior durability, cushioning and non slip. It last a long time and can endure many yoga practice.

The Cork Yoga Mat | Eco Luxury:

  • ECO FRIENDLY: Designed to Love the Earth! Our Cork Mat is made with a 100% natural rubber base layer topped with a renewable, sustainable cork top layer.

Meditation Rug 7 Chakra

  • Expand the energy of your space and mind with the inspiring, multi-purpose 7 Chakra Tapestry that can also be used as a beach towel, decorative floor accent, wall hanging or for relaxing meditation and yoga. Vibrant colors beautify any room and correspond to the different chakra levels starting from the sacral to the third eye. A fusion of vivid colors and geometric elements make it a stylish and meaningful design item.