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~A calming look at physics~

I bought this, just because it looked so fascinating. Between the 3D made moon, which rotates at your desired speed and the appearance of levitation, it's so tranquil. It's the best thing I've bought in a while. My friends that have seen this in motion, now own one.
A little look into physics makes you wonder how it all works so perfectly. Love love love it.

Fly It to The Moon!

I love it! This would make an awesome gift. It is a little tricky to set the globe in hover position. It wants to snap to the side and sit on the base, but once you get it in position it levitated and rotates beautifully. The colors are gorgeous. This is such a fun gadget. I would definitely recommend.

Very bright and beautiful moon

This is a cool desk toy -- or for any other location. It does not look like the moon that orbits Earth, but it changes colors and patterns as it spins, and it's both fun and soothing to watch.
Getting the globe to levitate can be a challenge. You have to find that special spot where the magnetic levitation works. My grandkids seem to find it more easily than I do. But once you get it, the globe spins beautifully.
I particularly like the remote control that lets you change the colors and intensity without touching the globe.
This is a great conversation piece. Good gift idea.

makes even the heart sing

My son wanted to gift her sister this one so she could have one at home. When he gave it to her, she just glowed. I could not have chosen anything better for her. That said, this is not a childs toy. It is to be used for spiritual and meditation practices. It is well made, and a beautiful piece. Small enough to be used anywhere and has the most delightful tone. Listening while one knows how to make this bowl sing is an amazing experience. Thank you for having this.


I love my singing bowl and it fits my palm perfectly 🥰


It's healing sound. I pray that even during this pandemic may be peace & wellness, in his quiet moments that it reaches.
I fell this bowl positive energy that dog-Maui, happy - singing bird-nala & zimba love it. MAY U ALL BLESSED Thank You

gran producto

suena perfecto

easy to learn and use

I ordered these for my own use to aid in reiki, yoga and meditations...honestly I was surprised how easy it is to learn and they both sing wonderfully! This is my first time purchasing a singing bowl here and I'm so happy I chose this product. Fast shipping, well packaged and in highly recommend as a great gift. Instructions included and easy to learn and use. Honestly I had no trouble and I'm literally so happy I went with this incredible set.

Starter Bowl | Meditation Bowl
great little bowls, fun and sound nice

These are cute little singing bowls. They have a nice tone. it sounds like a doorbell when I hit the large one then the small one. I got these bowls to be an interesting item to get classroom attention with a pleasant sound. Visit our website to see our videos.

Small but pretty bowl...

It’s a pretty piece and the right size for my altar. The sound could be louder... but it’s nice overall.

beautiful product, upon giving my feedback I will receive a discount to buy another one which is a great deal.


even more beautiful than I expected it’s fits nicely on a small end table I have and the sound is lovely

It's good

Craftsmanship giftable and sound quality.


I didn't see any reviews listed when I bought this, but I loved the concept of a singing prayer bowl. It has a sweet tone that's very pleasant to the ear and its singing resonance is very powerful for a small bowl and knowing that sound contains the sacred mantra which resonates out into the universe makes it all the more special. Nice craftsmanship, I feel like I have found a jewel. Namaste.

It came quickly has beautiful sound. Very nice..well worth it

fine tuned

This bowl has a nice tone and all of the components are made well.


Great quality! This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it. Isn't cheap looking and works nicely.

Perfect way to start exploring sound healing . Beautiful sounding bowl. Overall it was great purchase .

This singing bowl is awesome ! It is very easy to get it singing and it's beautiful ! This bowl is deffinately handmade and authentic .

great bowl

I have a singing bowl I got from a street performer in Beijing. I bought this bowl for a niece who absolutely loved my bowl. As for some imperfection on the bowl, it’s usually hand made don’t thing they have giant kilns in Tibet and technology, it’s part of th character of the bowl and it takes practice but this bowl will sing and can sing loudly

I love mine . Mallet is eh but it gives personality to the product ( not industrial ) . Overall it was great purchase .

The tonal quality of the bowl is great when either struck or rubbing the rim and the bowl is best played on the flat palm of a hand.

My yoga students love the low pitch, and gentle vibration that fills the room. It does not sing for me, so I simply strike and let the vibration fill the room. Happy with it.

I'm using it my meditation circle and everyone totally enjoys it.