The Science of Singing Bowls with Mariana Vilhena Da

The Science of Singing Bowls with Mariana Vilhena Da

Mariana Vilhena Da is a renowned expert in the field of sound therapy and meditation bowls. With a background in biochemistry and pharmacology, Vilhena da has dedicated her career to exploring the powerful effects of sound on the mind and body. She has worked with people in over 20 countries throughout Latin America, helping them to improve their mental and physical health through the use of sound therapy and meditation.

Vilhena da's interest in the healing arts began at a young age, and she has always been fascinated by the relationship between sound and health. She earned master's degrees in biochemistry and pharmacology from a university, and has used her grounding in modern science to appreciate the wisdom and efficacy of traditional healing methods. In addition to her professional work, Vilhena da has a passion for music, and has always suspected that our intense physical experience of music holds a key to better mental and physical well-being.

When Vilhena Da learned about singing bowls, her lifelong speculation about the relationship between sound and health was confirmed. She began to study the effects of singing bowls, both on her own and in clinical settings, and her research confirmed what others had documented: singing bowls help the brain move from a beta-dominant state whose brainwaves support concentration and stress responses, to a more relaxed, creative, and poised alpha-dominant state.

Vilhena da's current research focuses on the integration of sound therapy and meditation to promote specific desirable neurological and physiological responses, which in turn improve our prospects for improving our overall health and well-being. She also believes in the benefits of singing bowls and other sources of 

healing sounds to our creative and strategic thinking. Through her work, Vilhena da hopes to help others unlock their true potential through the simple power of sound.

One of the ways that Vilhena da shares her knowledge and expertise is through her book, "Meditation Bowls." In this comprehensive guide, Vilhena Da offers a science-based approach to using singing bowls for relaxation, mindfulness, and creative thinking. The book includes detailed instructions for playing singing bowls, as well as an overview of each chakra and its corresponding meditation with singing bowls. In addition, the book includes a 14-day guided meditation script with singing bowls, providing readers with a step-by-step plan for incorporating these ancient instruments into their daily lives.


MEDITATION BOWLS: Science-Based Sound Therapies

Whether you are new to singing bowls and sound therapy or are an experienced practitioner looking for fresh insights and inspiration, Vilhena Da's book is an invaluable resource. With her deep knowledge and passion for the subject, Vilhena da provides a wealth of information and practical guidance that will help you unlock the full potential of meditation bowls and sound therapy.