Singing bowl for anxiety

How Does A Singing Bowl Help You Fight Anxiety?

Here are 10 facts that singing bowls can help you to relax and calm your mind.

1) Sound: One of the most important things about playing the singing bowl is the sound it produces. The sound of the bowls is incredibly relaxing, as it creates a feeling of being at one with the universe.

2) Energy: The sound of the bowls is also said to be able to change your brain waves and bring you into a state of deep relaxation. This intention helps people to relax and calm down. The vibrations from the bowl can help you to get in touch with your higher self and open up your chakras.

3) Mindfulness: It helps people to focus on their breathing and get into a meditative and mindfulness state. The sound of the singing bowl is also very therapeutic and helps to balance the chakras.


MEDITATION BOWLS: Science-Based Sound Therapies


4) Physical: The physical action of playing the singing bowl is also very relaxing. The repetitive motion of moving the mallet around the rim of the bowl and then striking it creates a feeling of being in a meditative state.

5) Visuals: The visuals that come with playing the singing bowls are also very relaxing. The bowl itself is a very interesting object to look at. The sound that comes from the bowl can also be visually stimulating.

6) Heal: Singing bowls have been used for healing purposes for centuries. They can help with healing your body, mind, and spirit. The vibrations from the bowl can also be used to balance your chakras.

7) Shape: The bowls are made in the shape of a crescent moon, which is the symbol of peace and tranquility.

8) Colors: The bowls come in different colors, each color having its own healing properties.

9) Number: There are seven bowls in a crystal set, each bowl having its own healing properties.

10) Ease of Use: Singing bowls are very ease to play and anyone can do it.


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MEDITATION BOWLS: Science-Based Sound Therapies

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MEDITATION BOWLS: Science-Based Sound Therapies


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